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Support Hawks Landing and the Herdโ€™s mission and purpose by donating today!

Over time we have had heard from our wonderful Circle of Friends and Community asking how they can help? These wonderful people simply want to contribute to the horses to help support Hawks Landing in our mission.

The majority of the beautiful creatures at Hawks Landing are rescue horses and have been with us for more than ten years.  This is their sanctuary, and their forever home. 

None of the horses are ridden anymore, instead they get pampered and get to run free and just be a horse, except when they are teaching us how to reconnect to our soul.

But as anyone who knows horses can attest, caring for these majestic beings is not cheap, and we truly appreciate the generous offers that we get to help support them and Hawks Landing.

However you choose to contribute, we are very grateful and honor your giving towards this beautiful herd and their purpose at our center.  Thank you in advance for kind and generous support!

How You Can Help


It is our mission to create a place for these horses to live out their days, have a purpose and be recognized for their unique qualities. 

These horses have touched many peopleโ€™s lives and have helped them reflect within to Feel, Heal and Seal the unwanted emotions.

Your generous donation will help us to continue to give homes to these deserving, beautiful beings that can help us to reconnect to our feelings. 

Donations are accepted by e-transfer to

Your donation will help with:

  • Feeding hay plus any supplements
  • Vet & Hoof Care
  • Overall care & well-being

These donations help us make sure that these horses are well taken care of and provided with everything they need to thrive at our farm.


There are many ways to help volunteer around the farm and with the horses.  

  • Spending quality time brushing and grooming the horses
  • Maintaining the horses space by keeping them free of rocks and manure

  • Assisting when the Blacksmith or Vet comes to visit the herd

  • Helping with the Herd during any of the programs that the herd assist in

  • Assisting in taking care of a healthy horse and also one that needs medical attention

  • Helping to maintain the grounds and the barns at the Center

Or you can be a volunteer just by spreading the word about the great work we do here at the Center


Hawks Landing is happy to accept directed sponsorship in a variety of forms.

With each option, you can choose to sponsor one horse or you can make a general donation towards the up keep of the entire herd.

One Month of Horse Care
Cost: $250.00

With this you will receive a picture of the horse of your choice and a personalized message from the Herd via email. Also if you are local you may come and visit the horse that you have sponsored in person.

Three Months of Horse Care Cost: $750.00

With this donation you will receive a picture of your sponsored horse and a personalized message from the herd, via email. In addition you will have the option of a Horse Energy Healing, or a remote Intuitive Life Coaching phone session for up to an hour.

However you choose to contribute, we are very grateful and honour your giving towards this beautiful herd and their purpose at our Center.

Thanks to Our Current Sponsors!

We thank the following Corporate Sponsors for their kindness and generosity.

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Letโ€™s chat about all the ways you can support Hawks Landing & help us help these beautiful horses.