The Healing of Cindy & Simon

Although I often write these horse stories to talk about my experience with these magnificent creatures, but I received a note from one of our visitors about HER experience, and I decided to let her words speak for themselves.

Here is the story of Cindy and her dog Simon, and how Hawks Landing helped heal both of them!

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Old Man Doc to the rescue

I was totally enjoying the warm sunny day, walking among my herd. I could feel the horse energies from the smallest to the biggest of all the horses. Being in the present moment with them is a valuable tool they have taught me. What a glorious day to be lost in my thoughts.

I came back rather quickly from being lost in the moment as I could hear the shrieking voice of my niece calling me.

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Victoria’s Connection

I always love receving these beautiful letters from Hawks Landing visitors, and hearing how our herd of medicine horses have impacted their lives.

Here is Victoria’s Story!

Dear Bunny,

I would love to thank you for a magical evening spent with you and your horses last Thursday!

I have been around horses and have always had a very special connection with them, but I have never had an experience like that before!

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What transpired for me after Hawk left his body….

2020 is approaching fast… less than a day to go… Look out 2020, I am more than ready…

I never would have thought that losing Hawk the lead horse of the herd and my friend would change my life forever!  In a really good way!!!!!!!

I am going to tell you about my last few experiences and I hope you can understand this story.

I knew inside of me, I had emotional blocks caused from trauma! These blocks stopped me from growing, going all the way back since I was a little girl when I lost my Mom.

When Hawk died, I was so afraid that I could not go on, just like when my Mom died, my whole system shut down and I couldn’t function or grow.

Today, as an adult, I knew I couldn’t do that. Life has to go on… .

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The Life of Lady Edelweiss

Lady Edelweiss a black thoroughbred born on April 20, 1989.  At a year old she was put into training for the racetrack. The track was her fate for as long as her health, heart, and legs stood up. 

But fate had other plans for this beauty!  As she was put into training her owners found that she would not make it as a racehorse…Lady Edelweiss was too slow! 

At the age of two Lady went up for sale!  It didn’t take long to re home this Beauty cause Beautiful she was.  Her new owner now put her into training for a hunter/ jumper.  And boy did this young thoroughbred love to jump.  This was her calling.  She could sail over the jumps; she was so eager she would jump higher than she had too.  With this attitude it made her a tough horse too ride.  She was very excitable and just so darn eager.  Her owner loved her dearly, but Lady was just too much horse for her.  With great sadness on June 28, 2001 Lady was re homed once again.

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