Reiki Healing with the Horses

Reiki Healing with the Horses

Reiki Healing is a gentle, non-invasive method used to help move healing energy throughout the body to bring balance back into our bodies.

An alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing, Reiki emerged in Japan in the late 1800’s and uses the transfer of universal energy from the certified practitioner’s hands to their patient.

Energy Healing with Horses Workshops Phelpston, Ontario

Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, but its current form was developed a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui in 2922. He shared this wonderful skill with over 2,000 people during his lifetime, who continue his divine practices to this day.

This unique energy healing process can assist in the healing process of physical injuries, illness, emotional imbalance, and much more.

Energy Healing with Horses

Reiki Healing works naturally with the the energy fields around the body.

During an Energy Healing session, you will find you may go into a relaxed, meditative state which allows you to go within and address any issues that may arise from the past or present.

Reiki Healing with Horses | Simcoe County

After treatments, you will likely have feelings of clarity, lightness, and understanding.

You will feel relaxed and stress free.

As you walk away with a sense of peace and calmness remember that reiki healing will stay with you for many days.

Reiki Healing Suite in Simcoe County

Using horses in Reiki Healing increases the amount of natural energy in and around the patient, creating a wonderful and unique experience for the patient and the practitioner.

But, If you would prefer a traditional healing session, we are happy to accommodate you in our well appointed Reiki suite.

Energy Healing with Horses in Phelpston, Ontario

The word “Reiki” itself means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign.” It originates from a combination of two Japanese words; “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy).

Those who practice this type of energy healing understand that energy can get trapped and stagnate in the body, leading to physical injury or emotional trauma, and can even lead to serious illness.

“Lowering everyday stress is essential in maintaining optimal health.”

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