Youth & Elder Self-Discovery Session

Self-Discovery Workshops at Hawks Landing

At Hawks Landing, the Self-Discovery Session is designed to help you gain much-needed life skills.

You will learn all about setting boundaries, building confidence, patience, responsibility, compassion, how to become a team player, and to build more positive values.

Herd of Medicine Horses during a Self-Discovery Workshop at Hawks Landing

These Self-Discovery Workshop are perfect for adults and youths who are looking for a way to learn about themselves and connect with the natural world around them.

If you choose, you will be given the opportunity to mingle with the horses and start to learn the language of the herd.

You will also have time to be in silence with Herd and go deep within your own thoughts.

Spend One-on-One time with the horse that chooses to be with you

A unique experience that is designed to use the power of horses to create enlightenment, the Self-Discovery Workshops create an environment of growth and emotional healing.

The herd of medicine horses become part of your journey to self-discovery as they reveal key insights about you, your inner well-being, and your desire to grow.

There will be one on one time with the horse that chooses to be with you.

Depending on your interaction with the horse, your time may develop into a grooming session or just a time to bond.

Spending time with horses is good for the soul

Those who come upon Hawks Landing come for all different reasons, but most share one thing in common….needing help with personal growth.

If you are looking to improve yourself, then come and let these magical creatures help you on your journey of Self Discovery.

Senior Self-Discovery Workshops at Hawks Landing

It is you and the horse. Let them guide you to a better self.

Horses never lie and will never lead you astray.

Youth Self-Discovery Workshops at Hawks Landing

Here at Hawks Landing we offer a very unique way to spend time with Horses.

We also provide a safe environment to keep everyone safe.

The staff are professional and are dedicated and very passionate about the work they do.

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Only $77.00 for a 1 hour Self Discovery Session