How Hawks Landing got its name

How Hawks Landing got its name

People often wonder how Hawks Landing got its name. Well, that story begins many, many years ago.

I once owned this beautiful grey whose name was MMHawk, better known as Casey.  Casey and I were a team.  We connected and hit it off right from the start.  Casey loved to jump and so did I.  “A Dream Come True”  This horse could sail over the jumps and did it with every ounce of confidence you could have.

The two of us shared a dream.  I had lots of dreams for Casey and I and I knew we could accomplish them all.

Then tragic struck!  Casey hurt his front leg.  After a visit from the vet, it was confirmed that Casey was to be on stall rest for no less than six months.

My daughter Michelle had a love for horses as well, so I decided to buy her a horse for Christmas.  She was filled with so much excitement on Christmas Day when she went into the barn and saw Sudden Impulse (Tess).  Tess was on thin side and had a hay belly.  Michelle worked hard with Tess and in no time had her jumping a small course.  Even after a deworming, and having good feed, Tess would not put any weight on.

March break came along and one day at the barn as we were brushing Tess, getting her ready for Michelle to ride, I saw her belly move.  I saw and felt it again and thought maybe and thought “no it couldn’t be”, but I saw something move again.   I couldn’t believe what was happening.  The next week the vet confirmed that yes Tess was in foal and she should be ready to foal in a month’s time.  Well Tess’s jumping days where over for a while.  I was so happy and excited, as well very worried because we did not know, and we had not treated her like a broodmare in foal.  We would just have to wait and see.  But what a beautiful surprise, I could hardly wait for April to arrive.

After a long six months the vet informed that Casey would always be in pain even if he was put out to pasture.  An x-ray showed not only did Casey hurt his tendon, he had cracked his coffin bone.  I was not ready to give up on Casey or on our dreams.  I thought maybe with some massage therapy, energy healing, and more time off he would heal.  I did not want to give up.  Casey had another 6 months off.

One morning I woke up and I knew it was time.  It was time to let go and deal with reality.  Casey was not going to get better and I could not bear him to be in pain for the rest of his life.  With a heavy heart, I finally decided to put my big grey to rest.

My life went to pieces, and I vowed I would never own another horse again.  I was devastated.  I knew I would never find another horse like Casey.  No horse would ever have the Spirit he had.  I know I had made the right decision, but it hurt, it hurt like no other pain I felt.  I couldn’t bear the loss, so I decided I never wanted to own a horse again.

The night of April 29 I went to check Tess around 11 pm and as I was walking down the aisle to leave the barn, Tess whinnied at me.  I turned around and looked at her and I knew she was trying to tell me to stay, the baby was coming. 

On April 30, 1997 around 2:30 am I got to witness the whole birth.  Tess gave birth to a beautiful long-legged bay colt. 

Looking at this little colt, I had this thought.   Who is going to care for this New Life that had just arrived?  This foal would need someone to help raise and train it.  I couldn’t wash my hands of this foal, it needed me.  It was as if the Universe knew the cure to mend my broken heart and how to keep me working with horses.   After some careful thought, this little foal received the name Hawk.

Hawk became such a central figure in my life and at the farm, that – eventually – my home became known as Hawks Landing. Both in his honour and in Casey’s.

And that’s how Hawks Landing got its name.

Years go by and I often see big beautiful grey horses and I still get a lump in my throat.  MMHawk’s Spirit is still alive, its still alive in me. It’s still alive at Hawks Landing.

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