What transpired for me after Hawk left his body….

2020 is approaching fast… less than a day to go… Look out 2020, I am more than ready…

I never would have thought that losing Hawk the lead horse of the herd and my friend would change my life forever!  In a really good way!!!!!!!

I am going to tell you about my last few experiences and I hope you can understand this story.

I knew inside of me, I had emotional blocks caused from trauma! These blocks stopped me from growing, going all the way back since I was a little girl when I lost my Mom.

When Hawk died, I was so afraid that I could not go on, just like when my Mom died, my whole system shut down and I couldn’t function or grow.

Today, as an adult, I knew I couldn’t do that. Life has to go on… .

These two Souls were so precious and dear to me, so I had a Celebration of Life for both of them on my Moms 100th Birthday. During this time, I didn’t know that doing what you want and how you want would be so healing for me. I understood it much later.

The Universe wanted to help me as well with my healing….

So instead of me shutting down, my water system failed and shut down. I had no water at the farm. We all know that Water, is the flow of LIFE…with out it we just wouldn’t be.

For 8 days I worked very hard making sure the herd of medicine horses and I had water, lots of heavy lifting and struggling as I carried the pails of water. But Life goes on…

But then the Case got sick and wouldn’t move, it needed the tractor hospital…so back to hauling big round bales by hand as my Herd needs their food. When I needed The Strength it was there!

I finally got the water fixed and it was free flowing like a precious river and life became easier once again….

As the holidays approached my body said, wait a minute, You my friend, need rest. Whether I thought I needed rest or not I came down with the Cold and it put me on the couch. This was the first Christmas I have ever spent alone. It was Okay and I felt fine, I survived! I had lots of time to sit in Silence with just me, myself and I, Brandi and the Herd.

On one of these mornings to my surprise, I got to witness a river running in the old bank barn. I guess the hydrant couldn’t handle the new pressure and felt the foundation needed a good wash. I tried filling buckets with the gushing water but soon got tired and said what the heck…the barn needs a good cleanse anyways. I eventually managed to shut the flow of the water off.

To go from a total blockage of having no running water to a gushing flow of the purest of purest waters. This was amazing to feel….What a huge Spiritual and Emotional break through!

Just for now, I am in control of the gushing waters, but when the hydrant is repaired and the water can flow ever so gently like it should, I will have surrendered.

My tractor is still sick with a few ice blockages as it needs warmth to run in its veins to fix the heart of the matter.

So how has the death of Hawk changed me forever… .Well…

For 55 days since losing Hawk the Universe and I have been working together to remove old blockages from my Mind, Body and Soul. The Water represents my Soul, the Tractor represents my Body, and Me represents my Mind. All three came to a halt to help me Heal…

Through this time the Universe has helped me to See, Feel and to Understand. I had been given the Strength when I needed it and the Courage to keep my Faith.  My Heart was filled with Love, Support and Encouragement through Family and Friends.

Never underestimate the power of the Universe. When you surrender and allow the flow of life to run through your veins and into your heart, there is nothing stopping you from moving those mountains.

Losing Hawk has transformed me and I have been shown the freedom of a free flowing Being once again! Bless his heart and I will always be so grateful to him. I miss you and will love you forever Buddy.

Bunny Murphy & Hawk

I am so Blessed and so Grateful for the experiences of Life itself and for all the People that are with me on this journey.

Happy New Year to Everyone that has touched my life in 2019.

May your Life be Blessed with lots of Love and Happiness and that 2020 brings you many Adventures, Lots of Laughter and Great Opportunities.

Lots of Love

Bunny and the Herd ❀️🐎❀️

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