Old Man Doc to the rescue

Old Man Doc

I was totally enjoying the warm sunny day, walking among my herd. I could feel the horse energies from the smallest to the biggest of all the horses. Being in the present moment with them is a valuable tool they have taught me. What a glorious day to be lost in my thoughts.

I came back rather quickly from being lost in the moment as I could hear the shrieking voice of my niece calling me.

” Aunt Bunny!!!! Aunt Bunny!!!!!”

I could feel the panic and terror in the call…. I took off out of the paddock in the direction of the scream. I was being careful not to tumble into the long grass with my over sized boots on. I skipped using the gate and climbed through the wooden fence.

My heart was racing because I knew something was dreadfully wrong. Her voice was telling me to hurry, hurry! As I came around the side of the barn, my Niece met me, she was so shook up and the tears were streaming down her face. I tried to make out what she was saying but all I heard was Apollo was on the road.

You see… Apollo is only a 6-week-old colt.

Panic took over me as I ran towards his paddock. Nugget his mom was also in a panic as she raced and whinnied up and down the fence line, crying to her baby to come back.

I didn’t know what to do; all I knew was that the gravel trucks always raced up and down the roads. I was in shock and so scared for this little horse. For me to run after him could make him go further away…. I was at my wits end.

Off in the distance I could hear the pounding of hooves striking the ground and they got closer and closer to me.

I quickly turned to see my 35-year-old Doc fly by me and go down the driveway.

Where Old Man Doc got his speed from, I do not know. He left the farm in a whirlwind and raced down the road heading towards Apollo.  He passed Apollo, and then turned around to cut him off. He succeeded and got Apollo heading back towards the farm.

By this time the traffic had stopped, and they got to witness the great rescue by Doc. I was still in shock, even though I watched the whole thing too.  Doc and Apollo came running down the driveway I quickly ran to close the gates to the entrance of the farm. Now I could finally breathe and catch my breath!

At my farm I give the oldest horse the opportunity to run the fields of the farm, to enjoy their freedom till they decided to leave this world.

I was so happy that Doc decided to help us out that day! What made him do it? How did he know we needed his help? How did he know what to do? So many unanswered questions!

The fact that this old guy knew his owner and his pals were in trouble is a good enough answer for me. This was one of the most magical moments and I am so grateful to Old Man Doc!

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